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2004-2009 Multimedia Systems

Inhalte aus der Lehrveranstaltung "Multimedia Systems" im internationalen Master-Studiengang "Information Engineering":

2D Image Coding and 2D computer graphics

Audio coding and streaming techniques

3D Scene Coding and 3D computer graphics

  • Audio-visual objects, 3D scene coding in MPEG4: VRML
  • Animations and interactive 3D graphics
  • 3D rendering techniques including openGL
  • Distributed scene graph systems

Laboratory work will presumably use:

  • VRML pogramming using VRMLpad and Cortona plugin by Parallelgraphics
  • OpenGL and elementary C programming
  • OpenSG and elementary C++ programming

Human computer interaction and virtual reality

  • WIMP and interaction paradigms
  • Immersion, display and interaction techniques
  • Applications

Laboratory work is suitable for projects and will use:

  • Virtual reality pogramming using C++ with the software IDO:develop

Agents vs. objects, multi-agent systems vs. object-oriented systems

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